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The term Samhita in the context of Ayurved indicates the ‘Classical Medical Treatises of India.’ This department initiates the beginners into the scientific foundation of Ayurvedic knowledge base which is documented in Sanskrit language. For better understanding of Ayurvedic medical concepts; Sanskrit is taught as a subject. Curricular details in all subjects of UG & PG courses are ultimately derived from ancient Samhitas only. Hence it is the nodal department & is connected to all 3 main examinations of BAMS (UG) course with 5 subjects namely Sanskrit Evam Ayurved Itihas(Sanskrit & History of Ayurved), Padarth Vigyan(Fundamental Principles of Ayurved), Samhita Adhyayan 1, Samhita Adhyayan 2 and Samhita Adhyayan.


The departmental museum is informative for U.G.students to give basic idea such as Annadravya, Panchakarma and allied procedures. Specimens include Dravyas with information of their properties as described in Samhita. It encompasses 135 charts as per CCIM norms. It comprises of models such as Types of Swedana, Kutipraveshik Rasayan, instruments of Panchakarma etc.


The Department renders a basic foundation by providing sound knowledge of the structure of the human body. Not only a surgeon but also a physician must be well acquinted with the comprehensive details of Anatomy/ Rachana Sharir. Students are taught Anatomy by means of human cadaveric dissection. The department focuses on developing the dissection skills of the students and trains them to visualize the structures present in the human body. Along with the latest knowledge of Anatomy, the students are also made aware of the traditional Ayurved concepts of Marma, Kalaa, Naadi, Srotas, etc


The department deals with the subject 'Kriya Sharir' i.e. functioning of human body in its normal state. 'Physiology' is the basis of 'Medicine'. In this subject, students get introduced to very basic Ayurvedic concepts like Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Pachana, Prakruti, Atma, Mana etc. If one understands these normal processes of body, it is easy to understand pathological changes in ayurvedic view. Kriya Sharir is also basis of Ayurvedic pharmacology and Ayurvedic medicine