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Admission Policy FN (Foreign Nationals) / PIO(Persons ofIndian Origin) / NRI(Non-Resident Indians) Category

The International Students Cell:

The International Students Cell will provide necessary guidance for admission. All correspondence relating to international students admission should be addressed to the Office of International relations of the Institution.

Seat Distribution : 15 % seats of each course are allocated in this category.

International Students:
  1. Foreign students: Students holding passports issued by foreign countries including people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries.
  2. Non Resident Indians (NRI): Only those Non Resident Indian students who have studied and passed the qualifying examinations from schools or colleges in foreign countries will be included as international students. This will include the students studying in the schools or colleges situated in foreign countries even if affiliated to the Boards of Secondary Education or Universities located in India, but will not include students studying in those schools or colleges (situated in India) and affiliated to the Boards of Secondary Education or Universities of foreign countries. Students passing the qualifying examinations from Boards or Universities located in foreign countries as external students and dependants of NRI studying in India will not merit the status of international students.

    Entry level status of International students on entry to the country will be maintained.


Documents required for admission of International Students:

  • Visa: All the international students will require a student visa endorsed to this Institution for joining full time courses. No other endorsement is acceptable. Students wishing to join a research programme will require a research visa endorsed to this Institution. The visa should be valid for the prescribed duration of the course.

    Visa is not required for NRI students.
  • All international students wishing to undertake any research work or join a Ph.D programmes will have to obtain prior security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the approval of Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India.


Eligibility Qualifications:

Only students having qualification recognized as equivalent by the Association Of Indian Universities (AIU) are only eligible for admission.
  1. A candidate shall have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st December
  2. Candidates seeking admission to Medical program must have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English in Grades 11 & 12.
  3. Under this category only the students who have studied and passed the qualifying examination from a school located in foreign country shall be considered. This will include the student studying in school and / or college situated in foreign country, even if the concerned school / college is affiliated to any Board of secondary education or a University in India. However, wards of NRI / PIO / FN, who is studying for the qualifying examination in school / college located in India are excluded.
  4. In case of any school that follows the American system of education, the candidate must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology at “AP” (Advanced Placement) level and must have minimum C grade in these subjects.
  5. The candidate shall get equivalence certificate from the Association of Indian University (AIU), New Delhi.

    Equivalence Certificate :
    For issue of Equivalence Certificate, US $ 200 or equivalent Indian currency payable through Demand Draft favouring "Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi” is required.

    For prescribed application form to be submitted to the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi” click here...

    Detailed Guidelines of Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi". for International Admission are available on


Admission Procedure:

Admission to all Medical/Dental Undergraduate and postgraduate program even of NRI/FN/PIO Category will be on the basis of performance in the NEET .

Pursuant to the Hon’ble Supreme Court direction in WP(s) (Civil) No(s) 267/2017 Dar-Us-Slam Education Trust & Ors V/s MCI and Others dated 9/5/2017 , the admission to MBBS/BDS/Ms/Ms/MDS in constituent colleges of deemed Universities will be done by DGHS (Director General of Health Services, Govt of India ).

Hence all the All the desirous candidates willing to take admission in constituent colleges of Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences , Deemed University are requested to visit the website of Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family welfare Govt of India i.e.

Admission of all the international students will be done through the International Students' Cell of PIMS University. Students will be admitted in the beginning of the course.

A student wishing to join the University should submit application form to the International Student's Cell along with the prescribed fees. The Cell will then check the eligibility and issue the provisional admission letter. This is required to get the visa and to complete other formalities.

The candidate’s are requested to download this application form for applying.

To Download Application Form Click here

The completed application form should be sent to International Student Cell , Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences any time from 1st March - 30th May of the year.

After getting provisional admission, the student should get the student visa and complete all other formalities.

The student then required to reports for final admission, fills up the admission form and pay the required fees. The student should undergo the medical examination & also required to appear for the English proficiency test. Once this is done, the final admission is given.

The international students will have to pay the fees in US dollars. In special cases, payment of fees in the equivalent Indian Rupees may be considered. Following fees are applicable to secure provisional admission.

Type of Fees Amount
Processing Fee US$ 100
Eligibility Fee and Administrative Fee US$ 200


In case a student is not considered for admission to the course after obtaining provisional admission, the administrative fees will be refunded after deducting US$ 75 towards the bank commission and postage.

Change of Course:

An international student who has been granted admission to a particular course shall not be allowed to change the course during its currency. Transfer from one institution in India to another is not allowed.

Step by Step Procedure for admission

  • Step 1: Students should purchase the International Student's Bulletin (including the eligibility form) and the prospectus of the University. This information is also available on the website.
  • Step 2: Fill up the eligibility form for international students and submit it, along with the copies of certificates listed in the eligibility form and the required fees. This should be done well in time so that the student is able to obtain the visa and NOC before the due date for admission.
  • Step 3: Get the provisional admission letter from the International Students Cell, in order to obtain the visa.
  • Step 4: Produce the document of provisional admission to the Indian Embassy in the respective country and get a student visa endorsed to institution. NRI students do not require a visa.
  • Step 5: Report to the institution for admission. Fill the permanent admission form and submit it along with the following documents (in original along with a Photocopy):
    1. Mark / Grade Statement of the qualifying examination
    2. Transfer / Scholl leaving Certificate from the Institute last attended,
    3. Nationality / Certificate copy of Candidate in case of N. R. I / F. N. & Nationality Certificate of Guardian in case of P. I. O
    4. A Photocopy copy of their passport - duly attested by a notary.
    5. Physical fitness certificate from a registered Physician
    6. Certificate from the owner/ Head of the Institute starting the length of service & Total emoluments if guardian is in service in foreign country,
    7. Income certificate from competent authority, in case the guardian is self employed.
    8. School Accredation certificate
    9. AIU Equivalence certificate.

      Note: The original certificates will be returned to the students immediately after making necessary endorsements.
  • Step 6:Undergo medical examination and occure medical fitness certificate. As per government rules all international students entering India on student visa have to be tested for HIV and will not be given admission if found to be positive. All international students will be required to pay medical fees of US $ 50, which includes the medical insurance cover for the first year. For subsequent years the medical insurance fees will be same as for other Indian students and is included in yearly fees.
  • Step 7: Appear for the proficiency test in English. This is only applicable, if the qualifying examination is not in the English medium.
  • Step 8: Admission of international students will be confirmed only after verification of original certificates, medical fitness test and payment of required fees.
  • Step 9: Within a week of arrival in India, register with the police in the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of the local Police.

Examination and Award of Degrees & Diplomas

The procedure for examination, payment of examination fees, issue of mark list, issue of passing certificates and award of degrees will be same as for the Indian students doing same courses.