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International Collaborations - Current Activities

Current Activities

The Student/Faculty from Interational Universities visited PIMS-DU (January 2017 - February 2018) Click here for List PDF file available to download
The Student/Faculty from PIMS - DU who have visited Interational Universities & International Students/Faculty visited PIMS-DU Since 2011 Click here for List PDF file available to download
Dr Kristina Kindblom, PhD, from Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences & Society, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, visited PIMS – DU as visiting Professor at the College of Physiotherapy, PIMS – DU from 19th September 2012 – 19th December 2012. Dr Kristina during her visit was involved in academic and post graduate research activities, assisting patients with physical disability to move more independently and basic body awareness Tai Chi.

PIMS – DU received two physiotherapy students - Ms Nanna Sommardahl & Mr. Tobias Karlsson from Karolinska Institute, Sweden and participated in the activities at the Center for Social Medicine and College of Physiotherapy from 22nd October - 23 November 2012. Their visit was part of the existing staff student exchange programme.

Mr. Carlos Andres Caceres Cediel from EI Bosque University, Colombia, is currently on a visit to PIMS – DU and is undertaking his elective training at Rural Medical College, Loni from 05th December 2012 to 24th February 2013.